What we are reaching for...

Led by Christ

We are a Christian church, our first baptismal question is "Who is your Lord and Savior?", and we are first and foremost as Christians, disciples of Jesus Christ, God made flesh, who has shown us in his life, ministry, death and resurrection the face and love of God. It is through Christ that we more fully understand who God is. Part of that understanding is that Christ, whom we follow, loved and welcomed all unconditionally, without exception.

together in faith & love

We are a community; we are shaped by our fellowship with each other. Love is what we are called to practice, faith is what grounds us. 

we joyfully think and question

We don't just "think, question, serve and grow", we do it joyfully, not because we have to, but because we get to engage with a God who loves us, we get to share God's love with others, and we get to work with others who lift us up.

Our openness to questioning things and beliefs is one of our strengths. One of the foundational values of Presbyterians is that we don't check our brain at the door. We continue to think, to reason, to question, to discuss, and to explore, to discover God's Word and guidance for each one of us and for the church today. We will not tell you what you have to think, but we will encourage you to think for yourself and to offer opportunities to ask questions and to learn together.

grow & serve

As Presbyterians we want people to grow in their understanding of who they are, of who God is, and of what it means to follow Jesus Christ. Our service is putting that growth into action. Ultimately, we are called to follow so that we can serve the world in Christ's name.

The Questions we ask in everything we do:

How can we be more concrete in living out our mission statement?

Where do we fall short?

How can we do better?