adult education

FPC believes that our journeys as disciples are ones of constant growth. Education is a big part of the journey. 

We offer Christian Education programs that are engaging, thought-provoking, meet-you-where-you're-at

type of classes.

  • Adult education class - "Diving Deeper"

    Beginning Sunday, December 1, we will continue our Diving Deeper class from earlier this year. We will meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. in the Hope Room in December. The class will give you the opportunity to take a deep look at the scriptures that will be examined during worship that Sunday. You’ll be able to explore the context of the scriptures and to ask questions about why it’s important today. All you need for this class is a Bible (we have some!) and a mind and heart ready to dive deep into God’s Word. We hope you will attend!

  • women's bible study - "Love Carved in stone: a fresh look at the Ten commandments"

    Join us for the Women’s Bible Study group the first Monday of every month. This group is centered around a new Horizons Women’s Bible study program, Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments by Eugenia Anne Gamble. The program runs Monday, October 7 through Monday, June 1 at 5:30 p.m. in the Hope Room. 


    What would it mean to consider the Ten Commandments not as a harsh list of what not to do but, instead, as a “love letter” from a loving God? A fresh embrace of the Ten Commandments (or Words), author Eugenia Gamble suggests, may ultimately contribute to the restoration of ourselves and our communities and the furthering of the gospel in the world. “Moral behavior matters, not simply because immoral actions can anger or disappoint God, but because principled behavior is how love becomes real, both toward God and in community.” Love Carved in Stone is a Bible study that helps us reframe the way we look at and live in the world.

  • Summer soul-stice

    In 2012, First Presbyterian Church started a summer morning series that carried forward the success of several women’s retreats that had explored a variety of relationship issues. The new series, six bi-weekly sessions, was named Summer Soul-stice in recognition of the time of year and the influence of the place. Essential goals that have maintained over the years include leadership from an experienced resource person or persons and a relaxed, open atmosphere that encourages discussion and questions within an hour framework.

    The series begins the second Tuesday in June and ends in early August. It is free, open to anyone, and promises to stir curiosity, imagination, and exploration.

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  • yoga

    Yoga time is a time to slow down and allow yourself spiritual time for breathing, stretching, meditating, and praying together. A suggested donation of $5, but is not required. Classes are held every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Youth Annex.

    Contact for more information.