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Upcoming Coat Drive

Once again, the Presbyterian Churches of Salina are joining together to collect “USED, EXPERIENCED, OR EVEN NEW COATS” for those who could use some assistance in our community. We encourage all of you to go through your closets, cedar chests and other storage areas to find coats: Infants, toddlers, teens and adult coats are needed. These can include play, school, dress up, suits, etc. Please be sure they are clean and bring them to Sunrise Presbyterian Church from 5 pm to 7 pm on Oct 22nd or 23rd. You may also drop them off at FPC before 5 pm during that week. Be sure to call ahead and coordinate with the office staff.

If you are in need of a coat, please stop by Sunrise Presbyterian Church on Saturday, October 24th for the coat distribution from 9 am - 1 pm. Masks and social distancing will be required.

Summer Soul-stice 2020

A meaning of apocalypse is: to uncover, to reveal. Life today with Covid19 is apocalyptic- exposing the depth of our societal weaknesses and delusions.  At the same time, it offers promise for real and substantive change.  Are we listening?  

The 2020 Summer Soul-stice series, in the time of pandemic, examines our brave new world and the crucial work of:

  • naming our losses and grieving what we must let go
  • finding courage to set foundations for new community, locally, nationally and globally, where LIFE truly matters
  • listening to one another for the possibilities of change that each of us must bring home and into our personal lives

For more information on Summer Soul-stice, and to view this video series, click HERE

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